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What is it exactly?

In the most basic sense, Community Partners help get the word out about TWIFF and a specific film being screened in the current festival. They use their influence in their community to help independent filmmakers reach a broader audience. Since Community Partners are so awesome, they get TWIFF perks for their hard work.

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An in depth look at Community Partners

Community Partners promote and advertise TWIFF to their company, organization, group, and/or community.

Community Partners promote and advertise an officially selected TWIFF film in the festival's current year if a film has been chosen for the Community Partner to promote/advertise.

Community Partners promote and advertise through these channels: social media, blog posts, website announcements, newsletters, flyers, posters, special events, contests or giveaways created and hosted by the Community Partner, word of mouth, and other channels or means available to the Community Partner.

With every promotion or advertisement, Community Partners must refer back to TWIFF through any or all of the following: include TWIFF's website url (, tag TWIFF online (, email an electronic copy of flyers, posters, event programs, etc. that may mention TWIFF to

Community Parnters may sell tickets to TWIFF events and screenings, but this is not a requirement. If Community Partners sell tickets, they have a chance to earn free tickets following these guidelines: for every 100 Individual Film Tickets sold, Community Partners receive 10 free Individual Film Tickets, for every 50 Festival Day Passes sold, Community Partners earn 5 free Festival Day Passes, for every 5 Red Carpet Passes sold, Community Partners earn 2 free Red Carpet Passes.

Community Partners will be acknowledged in the year of their partnership at the Red Carpet and with their logo on the TWIFF website and festival magazine (for the year of their partnership only).

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