TWIFF in the News and Media

Tri-City Voice

"One particular organization of filmmakers, The World Independent Film Festival (TWIFF) is working to bring ongoing issues in developing nations to light in first-world countries through the power of film...'As a filmmaker myself, we experienced the lack of representation for independent films. We [wanted] to give voice to multi-cultural filmmakers, many of whom face the direst of situations to have their voices be heard. Thus TWIFF was born,' Suzara said.'" Navya Kaur, read article here

Independent Film Quarterly

"Unarce would like to see larger numbers of films—especially documentaries—brought to light to tell the truths experienced by everyday people—particularly the underserved and the disenfranchised. To him, this squeaky wheel does indeed “get the grease,” as demonstrated through GTC’s primary focus and projects, from the anti-human trafficking film Modern Day Slaves, which deals with abuses perpetrated on Filipino overseas foreign workers, to the ongoing Third World Independent Film Festival, a one-of-its-kind celebration geared exclusively toward engaging Third World filmmakers’ voices, visions and concerns." Stuart Alson, read article here

Milpitas Patch

"Filmmakers strived to bring Third World issues to light with this festival through their productions—not only to break common stereotypes of Third World countries but also to show that the First World is suffering because of economic troubles of the Third World." James Tensuan, read article here