We’re glad to answer your questions, but first, please go through our website and the Frequently Asked Questions below. Your question might already be answered! If not, feel free to contact us.

1. When is the next festival?
TWIFF happens every September. We release specific dates as soon as we are able, and post them everywhere including under the “Festival” menu and our Facebook page.

2. When are the submission deadlines for TWIFF?
Check out Call for Entries for submission deadlines.

3. What are the entry fees?
Check out Call for Entries for the entry fees.

4. Am I able to have the entry fee waived?
No. We are unable to waive the entry fee as we rely on these fees to administer the large numbers of entries we receive. Sorry, no exceptions.

5. How do I pay the entry fee?
You pay online when completing your application using VISA or Mastercard via Paypal. If the full amount is not paid, we will be unable to process your film and you will be notified by email.

6. I have completed the online application, what should I do now?
Please send us your film’s DVD to the Submission Department. Clearly label the disc with the film title and director’s name. Also include the entry fee receipt. Send these to

The World’s Independent Film Festival
Attn: Submission Committee
P.O. Box 32928
San Jose, CA 95152

If mailing from outside the US and using Fedex or UPS please use the address below:

Ted Unarce
MDS Foundation/TWIFF
2033 Gateway Place Ste 500
San Jose, CA 95110
United States of America

We do not accept online links to your film.

7. Does TWIFF have a competition?
Yes. All films submitted to TWIFF are entered into the competition.

8. How does TWIFF define a ‘short’ and a ‘feature’ film?
Check out the Submission Guidelines.

9. Which film category should I choose?
Choose the category you feel best represents your film. Choosing the wrong category or being unsure about the category you chose will not affect your selection eligibility.

10. Which format should the preview copy be?
Preview screeners must be on DVD (we accept both NTSC R0 and Blu Ray formats).

Please test your DVD on a stand-alone DVD player (not a computer or laptop) before sending it in, as technical problems will delay/affect your submission. TWIFF will try to contact you in the event your DVD does not play or is broken, and work with you to have your film considered.

Make sure your DVD is clearly labeled.

11. What else should I include with my submission?
All we require, once you have completed the online submission process, is your preview DVD. Please do not send any press kits or publicity materials at this stage.

12. Will you return my DVD preview screener?
No, we do not have the resources available to do this.

13. Will you notify me once you have received my film?
Yes, we will.

14. I have made a mistake on my online form. What should I do?
Please email submissions@twiff.org with film title, director’s name, and the corrections that you need to make.

15. How many films can I submit?
You may submit as many films as you like providing each of the films meets the submission criteria and you have completed an online submission form and paid the entry fee for each film.

Please ensure that each film is on its own DVD.  TWIFF will not accept compilation DVDs.

16. Can I resubmit a film previously submitted to TWIFF?
No. Films must have been completed after January 1, 2010. TWIFF does not accept films previously submitted, even with significant changes.

17. Can I submit my film if it has previously screened at other festivals?

18. Can I submit my film if it was released theatrically, on DVD, or broadcast on TV or online before the festival?
No. Any films broadcast on television, released theatrically or on DVD for sale or rental, or available online prior to January 2014 are ineligible for entry. This includes films on YouTube, Vimeo or any video-on-demand sites.

19. If my film is not in English, do you require English subtitles?
Yes, your film will be ineligible for selection if it is a foreign language film without English subtitles.

20. When will I hear if my film is selected?
All applicants will be notified by email of TWIFF programming decisions 2-3 months after the Extended Deadline. Please ensure that the email address you provided is correct and operational. If your contact email changes it is important you let us know.

21. If my film is not selected, may I speak with a programmer for feedback?
No, unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive we are unable to correspond with each applicant in these circumstances.

22. If my film is selected, does TWIFF provide screening tests prior to the film’s screening?
No. We do not have the facilities to provide any screen tests. If you are concerned about your film, please check the print/tape prior to sending it to the festival.

If you need further assistance after reading this information, please email the Submissions Department at submission@twiff.org.

23. Why do short films cost the same to watch as feature films?
The length of a film never determines its worth. Short films are just as awesome as feature films! All filmmakers work very hard on their films, short or long. Whatever film you decide to watch, you will always get your money's worth and then some because these films are not available just anywhere.

24. I'm not a filmmaker. Can I still get involved with TWIFF?
Yes! We would love to have you on board. You can be a Volunteer, a Community Partner, or a Sponsor.

25. How can I pay for festival tickets?
You can pay online. We accept all major credit cards for online sales. Go to Shop to buy your tickets online. You can also buy tickets at the door, but it is CASH only. There are no refunds or exchanges.