The Millennial Award is the newest TWIFF award. It is given to first-time filmmakers of the Millennial Generation to encourage their passion in film, as well as encourage future filmmakers to pursue their goals and dreams in filmmaking.

The 2016 Millennial Award winners are: Dan Adler (Prunus Persica), Joud Kashgari (Clearance), Paula Sozzi Saslow (Diablo), Aimee Morgan (Shelter), Philip Vielma (Jimmy), William Leon (Attached At The Soul), and Cory Ford (Dan Man).

Their voices and vision, as seen through their films, will help shape the generations to come. But what shapes them? Let’s get to know some of the first filmmakers to receive the new TWIFF Millennial Award.

Download the full interview here: TWIFF 2016 Millennial Award Interview