TWIFF 2015 Winners

Best Social Entrepreneur Short
“Hula is My Language”
Directors: Raymond Martino and Shailynn Shirley
Producer: Liza Krassner

Best Social Entrepreneur Feature
“Our Food Chain”
Director: James Bruce

Best Documentary Short
“Plundering Tibet”
Director Michael Buckley

Best Documentary Feature (3 winners)
“Great White Lies”
Director: Skyler Thomas

“Furthest From the Wild”
Director: Alex Tello

“Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love”
Director: Matt Dworzanczyk

Best Narrative Short (3 winners)
“Twin Lotus”
Director: Yucheng Zhao

Director: Lisa Donato

Director: Brandon M. Freer

Best Narrative Feature (2 winners)
Director: Mark Atkins

Director: Chandu Yarram

Human Spirit Award
“Decoding Baqtun”
Producer/Director: Elisabeth Thieriot

Best Inspirational Family Journey
“The Faith in Ailao Mountain”
Director: Ci “May May” Zhang

Best Comedy Feature
“The Mayo Conspiracy”
Director: Craig Horwitz and Anthony Vollmer

Best Student Film
“Take a Stand”
Director: Austin Fickman